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Sri Lanka is a jewel of an island waiting to be discovered, situated away in the middle of the Indian Ocean. With beautiful beaches, green tea plantations, historic ruins, and lively culture, Sri Lanka presents adventure seekers with a wealth of opportunities. We at Ceylon Roots as your faithful tour operator in Sri Lanka, cordially encourage you to go out on an amazing voyage to this magical location, where wonder and discovery abound at every turn.

Find the Hidden Treasures of Sri Lanka:


Sri Lanka, with its vibrant streets and peaceful scenery, is a country full of surprises and contrasts. In this fascinating diverse nation, there is something for everyone, whether you’re looking for adventure, leisure, or cultural immersion.


At Ceylon Roots, we specialize in creating customized itineraries that highlight the most significant sites in Sri Lanka, including hidden jewels and famous landmarks. Our group of knowledgeable tour operators is enthusiastic about sharing their love of Sri Lanka and making sure that every part of your travel to Sri Lanka is smooth and unforgettable.


Experience Genuine Sri Lankan Hospitality


The kind hospitality of the people of Sri Lanka is one of the best things about visiting the country. You’ll be welcomed with open arms and smiles as soon as you arrive, making you feel completely at home in our tropical paradise with the help of Ceylon Roots, your reliable Sri Lankan Travel Agency.


Ceylon Roots is a locally owned and run Sri Lankan Travel Agency that is dedicated to empowering the community and promoting sustainable tourism initiatives. We collaborate with a network of reliable Sri Lankan tour operators and accommodations to make sure that your trip not only benefits you personally but also the lives of those you encounter along the road as a trusted travel agency.

Unforgettable Adventures Await


 Every minute in Sri Lanka is an adventure waiting to happen, whether you’re hiking through the beautiful woods of the Sinharaja Forest Reserve, touring the historic city of Anuradhapura, or enjoying the de