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Where Colonial Charm and Coastal Beauty Collide

Galle, which is situated on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka, is proud of its past. The city’s
16th-century Portuguese fort, surrounded by windswept beaches and nodding palms, is the
focal point of the colonial era. The remainder of the city is lined with Dutch-style homes,
eccentric stores, whitewashed villas, and historical museums.

Highlighted Experiences

Galle Fort

Discover the ruins of a Dutch past at a World Heritage Site by taking a trip back in time. Since the beginning of commerce, Galle has served as the hub for international trade. Situated on a promontory with three sides facing the sea, the Dutch Fort, recognized as a World Heritage Site, encircles the town's historic section. The Fort's ramparts, which span more than 2.5 km, make for an enjoyable and educational stroll.

Dutch Hospital shopping precinct

This structure was once a hospital for Dutch patients. It has since been renovated into cafes and stores. A pleasant spot to unwind.

Galle Fort Lighthouse

Located inside the Galle Fort walls, the Galle Lighthouse is the oldest light station in Sri Lanka, having been in operation since the 19th century. The original lighthouse was destroyed by fire in 1934 and reconstructed in 1939. a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is well-known for its conserved colonial architecture. Visitors may take in the picturesque views from the lighthouse as well as the fort’ s winding alleyways and old structures.