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Sri Lanka tea board and Sri Lanka tourism partnership working globally

The 1 billion rupee tie up between Sri Lanka tourism and tea board is very strongly accepted by the global community says the chairman SLTPB Rohantha Athukorala. The sampling we do and the interest towards ' ceylon tea' at the ceylon tea Boutique at the Sri Lanka Tourism Pavilion  at the worlds largest travel and tourism convention in Berlin-Germany was very positive. The largest travel fair globally that attracts 190 countries from across the world attracted  1million footfall for global trade.                                                      

The Sri Lanka tourism formally requested the tea exporters association to recommend the exporters who are keen to engage the German market under the direction of the Sri Lanka tea board that showcased the top 6 brands at the event. The feedback from the event has been an strong awareness to Ceylon Tea and we created awareness of the single origin tea concept among those who sampled ceylon tea. is he voiced. The industry voiced that for the 1st time we see the positiveness of Germany to Sri Lanka now we need to maintain it he said. Similar feed back was received in the on going key exhibition in Moscow where almost ten ceylon tea brands are on show with sampling for consumer engagement commented chairman Rohantha Athukorala.

UK grows by 14.8in Q1 - SL Tourism in marketing blitz in Birmingham

Whilst tourist arrivals from UK surged by 14.8%in Quarter 1, 2015 to 44,813 visitors, Sri Lanka Tourism bureau embarked on a unique promotion by partnering Rotary - United Kingdom and Ireland to host the 1st Sri Lanka worldwide President K. Ravindran at the Hilton Metropole Hotel (NEC) Birmingham. President of Rotary International in the UK & Ireland Mr Peter Davey, the current President of Rotary Mr Peter King was personally present at the event

Rotary being the only service organization that has a permanent seat in the UN attracts the cream of the community in a country making it one of the most influential organizations. Which is why Sri Lanka Tourism struck a partnership with Rotary where we can make brand Sri Lanka a top of the mind destination given that for the 1st time a Sri Lankan has been voted into lead this powerful organization globally said Chairmam Sri Lanka Tourism Rohantha Athukorala.

Sri Lanka Tourism in the UK was given a very unique opportunity at Hilton Metropole Hotel to show our cultural diversity by having two cultural dance items to be performed at the Gala Dinner at Graphics depicting the diversity of the destination were on the background highlighting, culture, festivals, wildlife and scenic tea plantations.

Mr Peter L. Offer Rotary International Director in the UK commented that “the drummers and dancers were well received and the surprise on the walk in went so well.  Thank you on behalf of the VIPs and the Rotary International UK & Ireland for the lovely gifts offered by Sri Lanka Tourism to the Presidents and the directors who were at the convention.


441 Australians cruise travelers visit Pinnawala

The new direction of the Sri Lanka tourism promotions bureau is generating strong results with a strong working relationship with the private sector as 441 cruise travelers taking a one day excursion to Pinnawala elephant orphanage last Sunday. The Pinnawala gate earnings netted in a 3.6 million rupees in the back drop of cruise tourism doubling in number and beating the number 8 destination source for Sri Lanka the US market said Sri Lanka tourism in a communique.

 We don't want just cruise ships to dock in Sri Lanka with just thirty percent or less travellers taking excursions but we want excursion managers to promote our new products like the ' Open Range zoo, responsible whale watching or the only blow hole for Asia pacific, the monkey trail based on the Disney movie that is being staged in the US as we speak voiced Sri Lanka tourism chief Rohantha Athukorala. Together with the private sector we will make this segment a 100,000 within two years said Athukorala who is working closely with SLITO core committee headed by Bernie Dole on supply chain development with Sri Lanka shipping corporation and on the demand end meeting the cruise ship operators at the key cruise travel fairs like the one in Busan,Korea he said. A lot of work has to be done the good news is that work has begun.