Visit Bewis Bawa's Brief Gardens


Visit Bewis Bawa's Brief Gardens

Location: Bentota

Description of the Location: Brief Gardens once the home of Bevis Bawa, brother of renowned architect Geoffrey Baw boasts an impressive range of artwork on display – from homoerotic sculpture to a wonderful mural of Sri Lankan life in the style of Marc Chagall. There are over 106 different kinds of trees over this 20-acre property and hundreds of other fauna still being counted today, the garden is a must-see for those with a keen interest in landscape design.

Description of the Activity: You have the option of walking on your own or opting to take a guide to take you through the garden. A map could be provided on request by one of the staff. All the different paths at Brief Gardens lead back to the house, so chances of you losing your way are slim. You would find seats throughout your walk, which were placed to allow guests to enjoy private moments. Once you've completed the walk, you'd arrive at the main house for tea and biscuits with Dooland De Silva. Doolan has worked for Brief Gardens for the last 40 years and was a close associate of Bevis Bawa, he will thereafter take you through a tour of the house.