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Use Ceylon Root’s agent login and be privy to 100% privacy, multiple destination (Sri Lanka and Maldives) booking, real-time inventory management, as well as quotation generation, stop sales and easy payments. Ceylon Roots offers you this B2B portal, as a partner in travel, to strive for efficiency, timeliness, and effectiveness.


Booking Portal (B2B)


We are thrilled to present to you our booking portal (B2B), a further evolutionary development particularly intended to make life simple for our partners, ushering Ceylon Roots continuous growth to the next level.

With Ceylon Roots "B2B LIVE", together we can provide our customers with the utmost benefits like 100% privacy, capability of managing multiple destinations (Sri Lanka and Maldives) and bookings with ease, create quick quotes, getting instant confirmation, stop sales which would be updated right away after checking with hotels day by day, along with preferred hotel selection to facilitate agent access and many more. You will be able to generate your own quote and download the basic listing for FIT packages for Sri Lanka.

Please spend a few minutes of your precious time exploring our site for more information and clicking the link to download our guide to have a brief idea of this service. In the event that if you are not registered with us, log into our site to register and get access to this portal

We welcome you to utilize the portal more with the goal that you can ensure effectiveness, less possibility of errors and the possibility of experience an increase in bookings over time.

In thanking you for your continued support to Ceylon Roots Sri Lanka and Maldives over the last few years, we look forward to strengthening our relationship to a greater extent in the future, providing you with superior options/facilities and an unparalleled service for your travelers’ every time.

In the event that you have not gotten the user registration form, please get in touch with us by email so that we can issue custom codes. It is an honour and a pleasure to work with you, pairing international guests with their ideal holiday destination, venue and experience. As Ceylon Roots focuses on further strengthening our relationships with our partners, we will strive to continue innovating, developing the markets and providing you with unparalleled superior services & facilities. As we grow, we grow together. Not registered for this service? Sign up on now to gain access to our vast inventory of properties in SriLanka and the Maldives.Should you be meeting any technical difficulties, please contact us via email stating the nature of yourconcern/ enquiry and we will assist you in due course.